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Eyelid Aesthetic


Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery operation that aims to return the appearance of the eyelids to their youthful aesthetic form. It can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids separately or together.

izmir Göz Kapağı Estetiği (Blefaroplasti)

Who are the Suitable Candidates for Eyelid Aesthetics?

  • Those who are uncomfortable or have limited vision due to excessive skin sagging in the upper eyelids

  • Those who complain about swelling in their eyelids due to excessive fat accumulation

  • Those with bags in their lower eyelids

  • Those who complain about excess skin and excessive wrinkles on the lower eyelids

  • People in whom the white part of the eye under the iris appears due to loosening of the lower eyelid (Ectropion condition).

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, lower eyelid surgery can also be performed under local anesthesia, but your doctor may also prefer general anesthesia because it takes longer and there is a higher risk of pain. If the lower and upper eyelids will be operated together and the patient's general health is good, general anesthesia may be preferred.

Incisions; It is performed above the skin fold line on the upper eyelid and 1-2 mm below the eyelashes on the lower eyelid. As a result, scars are almost never visible because they are very well camouflaged.

During Eyelid Aesthetic surgery, excess skin, muscle and fat tissues are removed and sagging and swelling are eliminated. When necessary, overly enlarged and drooping tear glands can be fixed to their original place with stitches and the swelling on the outer part of the eyelid can be eliminated. If there is a disturbing fat accumulation in the lower eyelids and the skin quality is good, only the inner part of the eyelid (to remove the fat tissue) can be eliminated. Eyelid aesthetic surgery can be performed by making an incision (that is, in the red tissue touching the eye). In this case, there will be no scar on the visible part of the eyelid.

Eyelid Aesthetics Post-Surgery Recovery Process

Postoperative swelling and bruising will occur around the eyelids and eyes in varying amounts from person to person. To suppress these, cold application, bruising creams and anti-inflammatory plasters are used immediately after surgery. Cold application is used intermittently for the first 24 hours and other plasters are used for a week. Antibiotherapy will also be applied against the risk of infection. Existing skin stitches are removed after one week. 2 days after the eyelid aesthetic surgery, you can go outside with a pair of sunglasses. Eyes should be protected from excessive light and dusty environments. In case of possible irritation, soothing drops recommended by ophthalmologists can be used.

What are the Risks and Complications of Blepharoplasty Surgery?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery, like every surgery, has its own risks and complications. Although these are very rare complications, it will be a personal decision that you make by comparing the benefits you will get from the surgery with the risks. These risks can be summarized as follows:

  • Complications of anesthesia

  • Swelling and bruises in and around the eyelids

  • Bleeding from incision lines

  • Dryness in eyes

  • Sensitivity to sun and bright lights

  • Infection development

  • Ectropion Difficulty in opening the eyes (due to edema)

  • Eyelids not closing completely (temporary due to edema)

  • Sensory changes in the eyelids, numbness

  • Varying degrees of pain Second surgery due to undesirable aesthetic results

  • Unwanted bad scar formation

Eyelid aesthetics is one of the most effective operations that gives the face a youthful appearance. It can be performed at almost any age, its duration is short, it is generally problem-free after surgery, and it is an aesthetic procedure with satisfactory results. For this reason, it appears as an almost indispensable complementary part of face lift surgeries.

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