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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed body aesthetic operations all over the world. Since the results are quite impressive, it has become an increasingly preferred operation by men as well as women. If you cannot melt fat masses in certain parts of the body (such as hips, waist, abdomen...) despite regular diet and sports, liposuction may be the solution. There are various application techniques: classical lipo, laser lipo, ultrasonic lipo are some of them. One of the newest technologies developed in this field is "lipomatic".

İzmir Lipomatik

How is it performed?

Lipomatic is an FDA approved modern device developed to increase patient and doctor comfort in liposuction procedure. The infrasonic (less than 20 Hz) waves generated by the 3D vibration movement of the cannula inside the body create a natural anaesthesia during and after surgery.


With the vibration movement, the fats are broken down and easily removed without damaging the surrounding tissues (vessels and nerves). Thus, the incidence of postoperative bruising and pain is extremely reduced. The advantages of infrasonic liposuction over classical and ultrasonic liposuction procedures can be summarised as follows:

  • Faster and problem-free recovery, quicker return to daily activities

  • Reduction in bruising, edema and pain complaints

  • Preventing damage to the stem cells in the fat increases the success of using the removed fat for refilling purposes. (Like lip, breast, facial fillers…)

  • Shortening of surgery time

  • Infrasonic nutritional vibration movement stimulates collagen synthesis in the subcutaneous tissues and tightens the skin. This effect is a huge benefit for recovery after liposuction. Skin sagging seen after laser and ultrasonic liposuction procedures is not seen in lipomatics.

  • Cellulite and excessive sweating (underarm) treatments can be done

  • The vibrating cannula tip stops automatically when it touches tissue other than fat tissue. This eliminates the risk of damage to surrounding tissues and internal injury.

  • It gives successful results even in areas where classical methods cannot be effective, such as the lower leg and ankle. It is the most ideal method for ankle slimming.

  • Due to all these features, lipomatic (infrasonic liposuction) is becoming an increasingly preferred method. This procedure is performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia, depending on the size of the applied area. Since the effect of vibrating cannulas along with sedation creates additional anesthesia, the method is also called "laughing liposuction" or "tickle liposuction". During procedures performed under general anesthesia, you will stay in the hospital for one night. The patient is discharged the next day. In small area applications, the patient returns to his social life within 1-2 days. In large area applications, this period varies between 7-10 days. The patient must wear a compressive elastic corset for about 20 days. Although the thinning of the body becomes apparent immediately after the surgery, the thinning continues for days and takes its final shape after 2-3 months. I find it useful to remind one point: Liposuction is not performed for weight loss purposes. It is applied to correct body contours by removing unwanted fat masses. For this reason, the patient cannot be promised in advance that he will lose this much weight. Usually 2-5 liters of oil are removed at a time. Depending on the patient's structure, up to 10-12 liters of fat can be removed safely. The results are pleasing and satisfactory.

In our center, all aesthetic procedures are performed personally by Prof. Dr. Mübin Hoşnuter.

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