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Face Lift

What is Face Lift?

Facelift operation is applied to achieve a youthful appearance by tightening the facial tissues that sag, loosen and wrinkle due to the effect of gravity and aging. Facelift is a completely surgical technique and gives much more successful and long-lasting aesthetic results compared to facial rejuvenation procedures performed with non-surgical (non-invasive) techniques. It is applied after an average age of 35-40. The upper limit is up to 60-70 years of age. This surgery can be performed on all healthy men and women with realistic expectations. The surgery, popularly known as facelift, is also commonly called 3d face lift.

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Preparation Phase

In facelift, after at least 8 hours of fasting, blood and other tests are performed at the hospital where the surgery will be performed. After anaesthesia evaluation, the operation is started. Smoking, aspirin, NSAI drugs and herbal supplements should be stopped at least 10 days before the operation. These may increase bleeding and impair wound healing.

Surgical Stage

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia (some surgeons may also prefer local anaesthesia). The surgical incision starts in front of the ear, extends upwards into the scalp and downwards under the earlobe towards the back (behind the ear). Depending on the type of technique, only the skin, skin and muscle layer together or all facial tissues over the bone are lifted and stretched, excess skin and tissues are cut and removed. Displaced fat tissues are pulled to their original places and suspended. A small incision under the chin may also be required for neck lift. In addition, eyebrow lift, forehead lift, eyelid aesthetic operations can be added to the facelift surgery. These make the result more perfect. You will stay in hospital for one night after the operation.

Recovery Process

When you leave the operation, your face and neck will be wrapped with elastic bandages or a face corset. These prevent excessive swelling, accelerate tissue healing and create pressure to prevent fluid and blood accumulation under the skin. There may be small drains coming out of the incision behind the ear to prevent fluid-blood accumulation under the skin. These are withdrawn after 24 hours if there is no problem. You can take a bath 4-5 days after the operation. You should not drink alcohol for a week and smoke for a month. Avoid any kind of strenuous activity that requires excessive movement for 2 weeks after the operation. For 2 weeks, you should sleep wearing the facial compression corset given to you by your doctor at night. You can make the oedema disappear faster by placing two pillows under your head while lying down. Never lie face down and turn with your torso when turning your head left and right. For this reason, it would be appropriate not to drive for up to two weeks. It takes up to 10 days for possible bruises to disappear. - 3d face lift . In short, you should spare yourself 15 days for such an operation. The neck lift process is similar to facelift, but it is lighter and takes less time. It does not require excessive movement restriction. You can return to work after a week.

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