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Ultrasonic Waves

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The therapeutic properties of ultrasonic waves have been proven many years ago and are now successfully used in many different fields of medicine. As far as aesthetic surgery is concerned, it is mostly used in fat melting and skin tightening procedures. With special devices emitting ultrasonic (US) waves, fat melting and slimming can be performed either subcutaneously (VASER: surgical technique) or on the skin surface (non-surgical technique). Today, our subject is slimming applications with US energy applied non-surgically from the skin surface.


US energy acts by activating some special mechanisms in the body.


1) The micromechanical effect weakens the connections between fat cells and facilitates their disintegration.

2) The heat effect accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, the slimming effect increases.

3) By chemical action, it increases the release of vasodilating substances in the body.

4) US increases regional collagen production in the body and allows the existing collagen to be remodelled. This allows the skin to tighten and tighten.

5) The micro-massage effect of US dissolves fibrotic tissues, which accelerates wound healing and gives softness to the tissue.

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How is it performed?

Due to all these effects, ultrasonic devices are successfully used for slimming in aesthetic surgery clinics. So much so that a thinning of 7-9 cm around the waist can be achieved in a single session. Each session lasts 30-40 minutes and a highly satisfactory slimming and shaping occurs in 4-6 sessions in total. It is a painless, painless application. Drink plenty of water after each session. Thus, melted fat tissues and cell residues are easily removed from the body.


In our clinic, very successful results are obtained by using US slimming treatment with radiofrequency and cavitation combinations. Your doctor will decide whether your body is suitable for this procedure and how long it will be applied to which areas. In other words, having this procedure done by unqualified hands may cause you to lose your money and worse, your health. Your health is shaped by your right choices. I wish you all happy and healthy days in these beautiful spring months.

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